There are still some cities that we haven’t been to yet in New Mexico, so it is time for one more round of restaurants. When you stop by or pass on through all of these great cities, you’re going to know where to eat. We have been to 15 cities in New Mexico, and now it is time to feature five more and the top three restaurants in each city. That’s a lot, so I’m going to move quickly.

Hobbs, New Mexico and its 84 restaurants is up first. In Hobbs, the #1 establishment is a steakhouse, Saxony Steakhouse, and it is ranked right above another steak and seafood place. The citizens of Hobbs must really like their steak. Cattle Baron Steak and Seafood Restaurant is the other place. A third popular restaurant in Hobbs that would be a top choice for you and your family would be Rosas Cafe and Tortilla Factory.

It’s on to the next city folks, and we are going to stop in Bernalillo. The top three restaurants in Bernalillo have short and catchy names. Range Cafe is the #1 establishment. Then you have Freight House and Corn Maiden. The Kaktus Brewing Company looks really cool, too.

It is time to move on to Espanola, New Mexico. There are 47 restaurants there, and El Paragua gets top billing. The next two top establishments are also Mexican restaurants, La Cocina Restaurant and El Parasol. There are two more cities to visit so we better get moving. It is on to Red River, New Mexico next.

In Red River, if you want to eat at the best restaurant, it is Shotgun Willie’s. Just so you know, this place is very small, a cute diner type establishment. The next two top places to eat in Red River are Anchovies Pizzeria and Sundance Restaurant. There is one more city to stop by for this round of restaurants in New Mexico, and that city is Grants.

In Grants, New Mexico, the top rated restaurant is La Ventana. El Cafecito is up next, and then First Street Cafe rounds out the top three establishments. That’s five cities and 15 more restaurants to add to your list when you find yourself in the heart of New Mexico. Enjoy your dining experiences at these unique establishments sprinkled throughout the state. New Mexico is full of cute, smaller cities that feature restaurants that are just like the image the cities themselves project.