There are many different ways to go on vacation but one that many families appreciate is camping. For some, it is hauling the trailer behind their vehicle and setting up their own little home in the wilderness. For others, it is packing into the woods with a tent and getting as close to nature as possible. In either case, however, New Mexico offers camping opportunities that really push the limits.

One of the New Mexico camping destinations that should not be left out of the mix is White Sands National Monument. Located in the northern Chihuahuan desert, it has quite a dramatic landscape of gypsum sand that is a beautiful white. You will find trails located throughout the sand and even a boardwalk and nature trails that are perfect for an outing during the day. Camping in this area offers you the opportunity to see a part of the world that is quite unique.

The Gila National Forest is also a beautiful area of the world located in the southwestern United States inside of New Mexico. It got its start in 1905 and there are almost 3 million acres of public land. In the United States, it ranks as number six for the largest national forest and you will find beauty beyond compare in almost any direction. Most people appreciate being closer to nature when they are in this forest, and it is one that you would want to consider for your camping ventures.

There are many opportunities to get out in the wilderness at the snow lake reservoir. The reservoir itself is relatively small by the overall beauty of the area is absolutely breathtaking. The mountains are at an elevation of over 7000 feet, so it offers you breathtaking views but you do need to be careful of that elevation. Some people have a difficulty with getting ill when they switch elevation too quickly, so take your time and have a great camping vacation.

When camping in New Mexico, it is important to ensure that you have everything ready for a great trip. This will not only include your shelter, which is always at the top of the list, it would include plenty of sunscreen, lots of water and any other amenities that you need to be comfortable and happy on your vacation. Make sure that you include this state in your camping trips this year and you will find that you come back over and over again.